About Olivier Lance

So this is me, Olivier Lance.

I'm the author of Techtrails, this very blog you're visiting now, where I'm regularly sharing tips, tutorials and views on software engineering and various tech subjects, as well as photography.

From very low-level programming to backend and front-end web development, I love it all and try to always be on a path to learning something new about any of those subjects.
I don't think my journey as a software engineer will ever end — so this blog is basically an invitation for you to tag along as I make new discoveries, and probably new mistakes worth learning from.

In real life, I've been a Mac OS X developer for several years doing consumer software, then spent a few years running my own web agency company.
From 2015 to 2018 I have been a part of Algolia's growth from 23 to 250 employees as a Solutions Engineer and Education Engineer, and today I'm back to entrepreneurship as the first employee and lead developer at Alma, an installments solution for e-commerce.

As for photography, this is one of my favorite means of expression. I enjoy taking photographs and I enjoy sharing those I feel are special; I could have a second blog or portfolio for this, but my life is a mix of both tech and photography, so I don't see why Techtrails should be any different :)

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